Come and relax. There's room for everyone
Enjoy the luxury of the Queen's master bedroom
All the comforts of home. Located minutes away from Disneyland
The dining room table provides plenty of room for large groups
After a long day at the park, relax with a movie in front of the fireplace

Hi there! from Walt's Place!

Walt's Place is a brand new vacation rental conveniently located directly across the street from Disneyland. We have gone out of our way to create a space that has something for everyone. Some of the vacation rentals are great for kids, but have nothing to offer the adults, while in other cases, the homes are beautiful, but you are afraid for your kids to touch anything. Walt's Place is both a playland and a sanctuary modeled in the style of California's historic Arts and Crafts era. You get the Grand quality of a nice Hotel with all the comforts of home.
Relax in front of the fireplace, take a dip in the pool, kick back with a video game... there is so much to do at our vacation rental, IN ADDITION TO, visiting Disneyland. We believe if you are paying the same rates as a quality Anaheim hotel, you should get the QUALITY of a quality Anaheim hotel but with all the comforts of home. The difference of course is that there is enough room in a vacation rental to split the cost between two families - and for that money you get so much more than just a room and two beds.
We promise you that when you walk into any room at Walt's Place you will be pleased. Walt was a visionary who brought his imagination to life through detail. We have put that same eye for detail into every corner of every room. Walk into the custom built kitchen, place a k-cup in the Keurig and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in seconds. Walk into the tiled master bath, and sink into a warm whirlpool bath. Enter the secret closet and be wisked into a magnetic fairyland with quiet toys. Curl up on the new leather couch in front of the flatscreen TV and relax with a show. Walk outside or glance out of the upstairs window to view the evening's fireworks. We want your stay at our vacation rental to be an experience for you - not just a place to sleep.

Every room is an adventure

There is something to discover in every nook and cranny of Walt's Place. Not only is it a comfortable getaway for you adults, but your kids will love it too. There are custom themed murals throughout the house as well as plenty of toys and games for everyone to enjoy. There is even a hidden fairy room for your kids to explore.